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Comfort Today offers adult care for those interested in socializing and experiencing Tanglewood without the commitment of a long-term move. Enjoy coffee with new friends, exercise programs, salon and spa services, and respite services on a walk-in basis. Guests can attend a fun setting with a vast array of social activities to promote health and happiness for both mind and body. The safe and interactive venue offers daily opportunities for exercise, music, arts and crafts, games and other fun activities. From walks, cart rides and fishing outings at Louis Ferreri Memorial Park to day trips offering even greater community involvement, guests get to actively spend their days and in the company of others.

Comfort Today makes for a great introduction to what assisted living at Tanglewood is all about. Guests can enjoy many of the same great services and benefits enjoyed by Tanglewood residents, as well as:

  • Coffee with friends, old and new
  • Breakfast and lunch
  • Exercise opportunities and programs
  • Games and recreation
  • Salon and spa services

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Comfort Today
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